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Boosting Cherry Quality and Yield with Da An Marine Minerals: A Case Study from the Fuping Greenhouse in Shaanxi, China

Ⅰ. Test Site: Cherry Base of Greenhouse in Fuping, Shaanxi Province, China.

Field Area: 53,336 square meters, 44 seats, spacing 3 x 4 (50 trees per greenhouse), 8-year-old trees (no small or big trees).

The original yield of the base was 50 kg per tree, and the total yield of the base was 110,000 kg.

Ⅱ. Experimental Period and Methods

Experimental period: August 2020 – March 2021.

All cherry trees at the base (including Tieton, Sameton, and other varieties) were treated with Da An Marine Minerals three times.

1st treatment: Foliar spray and root application in autumn.

2nd treatment: One foliar spray during the young fruit stage.

3rd treatment: One foliar spray during the color change period.

According to Da An’s recommendations, for optimal results, users should ensure the use of four treatments in the growth cycle of fruit trees: winter root, flowering spray, small fruit spray, and color change spray.

Ⅲ. Base Results

ⅰ. Fruit Quality and Yield Results

The use of Da An Marine Minerals significantly improved the quality of cherries at the base in terms of size, fruit shape, fruit surface sugar, etc.

Brix: Increased from 17-18 in previous years to more than 20.

Yield: Increased by 10%

Product price: 100% increase per catty.

ⅱ. Return on Investment Increase in production value: 1.2 times

Extra input cost: ¥76,210 yuan

Extra output formation: ¥6,600,000

Input-output ratio: 1:87

Ⅳ. Market Sales Situation

The Tieton variety was marketed earlier than other bases in Shanxi and quickly spread in Fuping and even the Xi’an market due to its superior quality. Local fresh food supermarkets, fruit supermarkets, and other businesses came to place orders. The busy scene of picking and boxing at the base lasted from morning to night. At the same time, the highest-quality cherries were also made into luxury gift boxes and were charged by the piece.

V. Cherry Customer Feedback Da An has a project to cooperate with fruit farmers. Da An can organize group purchases in the name of the company for fruits and vegetables grown with marine minerals. (Specific terms and conditions belong to the Da An Group) Customers who had the chance to taste the marine mineral cherries are in love and cannot find more apt words to describe its appearance other than “stunning.”

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