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Tips to Improve the Quality of Cherries During the Growing Season

June is the cherry harvest season in mainland China. In 2022, the weather had a significant impact on the open-air cherry pollination period due to high temperatures, resulting in a reduction of 60-70% in yield. Despite the low yield, farmers were relieved to find that the quality was good, and the price doubled compared to the previous year. How did your orchard fare this year?

The cherry industry’s rising prices in recent years have motivated farmers to plant more, and despite the high costs of inputs for both greenhouse and open-air planting, the planting area is expanding rapidly. The challenge now is managing the orchards; if technology can’t keep up, it’s easy to end up with more flowers and less fruit, poor quality, and other problems that directly impact overall income.

To ensure the success of your cherry orchard, you must focus on three critical stages: the first is the fruit setting stage, the second is the fruit development stage (generally 30 to 50 days), and the third is the fruit coloring stage. The fruiting period is key to cherry growth and development, and good or poor fruiting directly affects the yield and profitability of the cherry. During the fruit development stage, the early and late coloring of the fruit, its hardness, and gloss are important indicators of fruit quality. Early coloring and bright colors allow for early marketing and early profits. If the fertilization and nutrition during the coloring period are not balanced, and there is a lack of minerals like calcium, boron, and zinc, it can lead to late coloring, dull color, slow fruit development, and late ripening.

This video shows how a cherry grower in Yantai, Shandong Province, improved the quality of her cherries by using Da An Marine Minerals Plant Nutrient Solution.

(Transcription of the video) Good morning, I am at my cherry orchard today to give you a look at the cherries. The cherry trees that haven’t used Da An Marine Minerals have very little fruit, and the yield is almost extinct. As you can see, the state of each branch is almost the same. Now, I will show you a cherry tree that has used marine minerals.

Look, this tree is full of fruit and has healthy green foliage thanks to Da An Marine Minerals. Can you see the stark contrast with the previous tree? Every branch is full of fruit. The difference is obvious at a glance. I have been growing cherries for many years and can responsibly say that the cherry yield using Da An Marine Minerals is ten times higher than with chemical fertilizers.

I followed Da An Company’s guidance to use the product, watering the roots once in winter and foliar spraying once during the flowering period and twice during the fruiting period. This year, the cherry seating rate was poor due to the weather, but after using Da An Marine Minerals, my orchard had the most cherries in the production area, which is well-known for its cherry production.

In my experience, Da An Marine Minerals is an excellent product. Not only has my cherry yield improved, but the fruit quality is also very good. Look at the color of the cherries; they are bright red, and everyone who visits my orchard compliments them. This year’s results have increased my confidence in marine mineral products, and I plan to use more of them next year because good products bring good benefits to fruit farmers. I highly recommend them to everyone for use in your orchard and vegetable garden.

(Just after filming the comparison video, the weather suddenly changed for the worse and there was hail. The fruit farmer was concerned about her cherries, so she returned to the orchard and was shocked by what she saw. The following is a transcript of the video.)

Yesterday, there was a heavy hail storm and I was very concerned that the cherries would be damaged. However, when I came back to the orchard, I was shocked by what I saw. None of the cherries on the sea mineral cherry trees were cracked or damaged. They were all unharmed! This really demonstrates the effectiveness of Da An Marine Minerals. Not only does the fruit have good quality and appearance, but it also has great vitality. Fruit farmers, you can use Da An Marine Minerals with confidence.

The farmer in the video understands the three crucial stages of cherry growth: fruit setting, fruit expansion, and fruit maturation. The key is to use a pure natural mineral nutrient solution through root irrigation and spraying methods. This creates a clear contrast with ordinary cherry trees and addresses issues such as reduced yields and fruit cracking.

What makes Da An Marine Minerals’ plant nutrient solution special is its ability to enter the plant’s circulatory system through the roots, foliage, stem, fruits, and epidermal cells. This deep and rapid replenishment of nutrients is possible because the solution is pure, safe, and non-toxic. It can even be touched by hand without harming the plants. By combining nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium base fertilizers effectively, Da An Marine Minerals promotes better absorption of mineral elements. This product helps create a comprehensive, effective, and complete plant nutrition system for your orchard, boosting its profitability.

If you want to improve your orchard’s profitability by overcoming these three hurdles, don’t miss this opportunity. Contact the phone number and website on the screen for more information. That concludes today’s share. See you next time.

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