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KAREENA Nourishing + Moisturizing Essence

KAREENA Nourishing + Moisturizing Essence


Deeply soothing and hydrating.
Reduce signs of fatigue and aging, enhance skin vitality and brightness, fade fine lines and maintain skin elasticity.
Improve facial texture and repair skin base if continuously used.

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Ocean Mineral Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenating Elixir

K2 – 50ml

Kareena, deeply extracted from the ocean, pure in nourishment, deeply soothing and moisturizing, nurtures skin rejuvenation, tightens skin, makes wrinkles disappear, diminishes nasolabial folds; repairs tired complexion, fades aging signs, enhances skin vitality and brightness, reduces fine lines, and maintains skin elasticity. With continuous use, it can improve facial skin texture and repair skin quality foundation.

Hyaluronic Acid and Ocean Trace Minerals: The Luxurious Choice for Aristocratic Skincare

Immerse yourself in the purity of deep-sea minerals, combined with the nourishing power of hyaluronic acid, for an extravagant skincare journey for aristocratic skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: The Moisture Queen of the Skin

Hyaluronic acid, like a natural “reservoir,” continuously injects moisture into the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin, locking in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and plump at all times. Nourished by hyaluronic acid, the skin seems to be draped in a veil of moist radiance, emitting a charming glow.

Ocean Trace Minerals: The Treasure of Deep-Sea Skincare

Derived from the depths of the ocean, trace minerals contain the magical power of nature. These precious minerals nourish the skin, injecting vitality and vitality into it. They penetrate deep into the skin, repairing damaged cells and enhancing the skin’s self-repair ability. Under the protection of ocean trace minerals, the skin seems to traverse time and space, returning to its youthful and firm state.

Luxurious Skincare, the Choice of Aristocrats

The perfect combination of Kareena’s hyaluronic acid and ocean trace minerals brings an unprecedented luxurious experience to aristocratic skin. They not only provide ample nutrition and moisture to the skin but also repair damaged skin, allowing it to radiate health and natural radiance once again.

Enjoy Beauty, Start with Luxurious Skincare

Choose Kareena and let hyaluronic acid and ocean trace minerals provide luxurious care for your skin. Bid farewell to skin problems, embrace moisturized, firm, and smooth skin, and radiate natural brilliance. Let your beauty shine like a pearl in the deep sea, dazzling and elegant.

Net Content: 50ml

Ingredients: Water, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Hydroxyacetophenone, Natural Marine Trace Minerals

Directions of Use

After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the eye and facial skin, gently pat until absorbed.

You can use this product continuously for at least one week, and the effect will be visibly significant. Afterward, you can switch to using the Ocean Mineral Collagen Rejuvenating Essence Honey for one week. By using this combination, the overall improvement of skin quality is more comprehensive and full.

Caution: For external use only; if discomfort occurs during use, please discontinue use.

Storage: Please keep out of reach of children, in a cool, dry place, away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Take action now and indulge in a luxurious skincare journey! Contact us to purchase the product or visit our official website for more details. If you experience any discomfort after using the product, please discontinue use immediately and consult a professional. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services, accompanying beauty on your journey.

Product of Canada

Health Canada’s Consumer and Hazardous Products Safety Directorate has received a cosmetic notification for this product:

Product Name:  Cosmetic Number: 
DA MarineMineral, SEAELF; Kareena Nourishing and Moisturizing Essence 03404501


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